Trail Construction Update: November 2019

Plans to complete construction of the remaining 7 miles of trail from Eaton west to Severance have been delayed. Just prior to going to out bid this last summer, GWTA discovered a survey discrepancy that must be resolved before we can proceed with contracting for the trail construction work. New timeline expectations are for bids to be solicited by early Spring 2020, with actual construction to begin by July 1, 2020.

Reminder – please help keep our Trail safe!

No Motorized Vehicles

In spite of signage posted along the GWT at nearly every county road crossing, the GWTA still receives reports about motorized vehicles using the trail. This usage not only damages the trail surface, but can be a deterrent to bikers and pedestrians for whom the trail was designed. We encourage anyone who witnesses this prohibited activity to report such to law enforcement in your jurisdiction. If the violator and/or license plate of the vehicle can be determined, all the better.

Leash and pick up after your dogs


For the safety of other trail users and and our trail neighbors, dogs must be on leash whenever on trail property.



It is also important for the health of all users to pick up and properly dispose of your animal’s waste. There are Pet Waste Stations with bag dispensers and waste cans at three locations currently along the trail. Please be considerate of others and pick up after your dog!




Pre-construction clean-up has begun

GWTA has begun clearing the trail right-of-way between Severance and Eaton in preparation for  construction later this summer. Trash, trees and weeds will be removed and the old rail bed bladed to allow vehicles to drive on the trail. This will allow potential contractors to fully examine the project area before bidding, as well as facilitate GWTA’s weed abatement efforts along the corridor. In some areas, prescribed burns will be used to clear overgrowth.

Colorado the Beautiful Grant awarded to GWTA

In November of 2018, the GWTA was awarded a $250,000 Colorado Parks and Wildlife grant. This grant, when added to our previously-awarded Federal TAP grants, gives us $1,450,000 with which to finish the 7 miles of trail between Severance and Eaton. The GWTA plans to put the project out for bid in April of 2019, select a contractor in May, and hopefully finish the trail by October. The engineering has been completed and we are waiting for environmental clearances from the federal government. Construction is estimated to take 90 days.

Photo of Roulard Trestle

Roularde Trestle



Severance to Eaton Trail Construction to begin in 2019

In the spring of 2018, Interwest Consulting Group of Windsor was retained to survey, design, and engineer the 7 miles of trail right-of-way between Severance and Eaton. Their work will be completed in early 2019, after which the Great Western Trail Authority will solicit construction bids. Construction of the 7 miles of new trail is projected to begin in August 2019.  When finished, the new trail will connect with the existing 3 mile section running from Severance south to Windsor, completing the 11 mile long Great Western Trail. 

1-mile Great Western Trail Segments

Next Phase of the Great Western Trail: Severance (WCR23) to Eaton (Cheyenne Ave.)

Click here to see a map of the Great Western Trail

Aerial view of entire Trail (pre-construction)

Drone flyover of the Great Western Trail corridor from Eaton to Windsor, July 2016

Great Western Trail and Its New “Neighbors”

In 2006, when the Great Western Trail project began, the only activities next to the trail were farming operations. Over the past 12 years, the following additions have taken place along the trail:

  • Severance Middle School
  • The Hidden Valley subdivisions – Severance – 600 lots
  • Village East subdivision in Windsor – 145 lots
  • The Eaton Recreation Center- 1 mile west of Cheyenne Ave. in Eaton
  • New Severance High School, opening in 2019

In addition, another 3000 residential lots are planned for development over the next several years in Severance. The Great Western Trail is the centerpiece of the planned Severance Community Park.

We expect many more trail users as the populations in the 3 towns continue to grow. The trail will offer a convenient, non-motorized mode of transportation between the communities.

Village East Subdivision-Windsor

Severance Middle School

Hidden Valley Subdivision-Severance

Severance High School Site – Construction Underway