Trail Construction Update: August 2022

Property boundary issues have been resolved, plans for final 1.5 miles of trail construction east of Severance have been approved. We expect to advertise for construction bids in August, select contractor in September, and begin construction in October. Completion anticipated by year end 2022.

Trail Construction Update: November 2020

Construction of 5.5 miles of trail west from Eaton to Roulard Lake is now complete! With the installation of Trail Crossing signage at each county road, we are proud to announce the opening of this beautiful new section.

Looking west, just east of CR 31

Approaching the Roulard Lake trestle bridge








Trail users are advised to be very cautious at county road crossings, as traffic will not stop! These are NOT crosswalks, and responsibility for safe crossing rests solely with the trail user.

Crossing at CR 35



Please also STAY ON TRAIL! Entering property outside of our trail right-of-way is trespassing and potentially dangerous. Trail users must be considerate of neighbors if we expect them to be considerate of us. For this reason, ALL DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES ON THE TRAIL.




Old photograph of a Great Western Trail locomotive

The Great Western Trail is a wide unpaved trail located in rural Weld County in Northern Colorado. There is a 3 mile section of the trail that connects to the Windsor Trail system on the northeast edge of the Town of Windsor, traveling northeast across open countryside and new subdivisions to the center of the Town of Severance. There is also a 5.5 mile stretch of newly constructed trail beginning at Cheyenne Avenue in the Town of Eaton and proceeding west toward Severance, terminating at Roulard Lake east of County Road 27. The remaining 1.5 miles of trail connecting these two segments is scheduled for construction in 2021, which will complete the entire 10.5 mile Great Western Trail.

The Great Western Trail is a mixed-use recreation trail that utilizes the abandoned rail bed of the Great Western Railroad. The trail helps to preserve this historic right-of-way through the “railbanking” provisions of the federal National Trails System Act.

The trail has a gentle grade, is quite wide, and is surfaced with a soft crusher fines aggregate. It offers spectacular views of the adjacent farmland and the mountains on the western horizon. The Great Western Trail is part of Northern Colorado’s growing regional trail system.

Click here for a map of the trail.


The tracks for the Great Western Railroad were laid in the early 1900’s to service the booming sugar beet industry in the Northern Colorado area. These rail lines crossed through Weld County, Larimer County and Boulder County.

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The Great Western Trail provides a recreational opportunity for the three communities as well as access for the local schools.  It creates a corridor to connect the three communities and connects to the Town of Windsor Recreational Trail System to the west. The trail can be used to reach Windsor Lake and via on-street bike lanes to connect with the Poudre River Trail.

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Great Western Trail Foundation

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Great Western Trail Foundation helps fund construction of the trail by providing the local matching funds required by our grants.

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